Golf Tuition

As PGA Professionals, we have formulated teaching programmes to suit everybody’s requirements. Whether you are a non-golfer, scratch golfer or at any level in between, our professional teaching staff are available to guide and assist you in all aspects of the game.

 Golf Tuition is open to members and non-members and can be booked at the Professional’s shop, via email at: or by phone on 01224 702 221.

Golf balls are provided free of charge for all lessons and golf clubs can also be provided for lessons if you require. The professional staff will also correctly advise you on which clubs are best suited for you and your future development in the game.

 Diagnosing a golfer’s fault is often the easiest part of a teacher’s job, but to help implement the changes required to cure those faults is not always so straight forward. However, we have devised teaching programmes and together with the use of video analysis and teaching aids the lessons will be easier to understand and far more enjoyable.

Explanar – Turns swing thoughts into swing feelings.

 The Explanar is versatile and easy to use for men and women, both left and right- handed. It helps beginners build a good golf swing in a short space of time and assists established golfers in eradicating ingrained swing faults. The more advanced golfers can use the Explanar to exercise their swing to hit intentional draw, fade, high and low shots and to maintain their already reliable golf swing.